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Updated! Beyblade Burst Rivals APK 1.5.1 (Puzzle Game)

Beyblade Burst Rivals APK 1.5.1

Editor's word: Play the official match-3 battle game for BEYBLADE BURST.


Updated! School of Dragons APK 2.15.0 (Role Playing Game)

School of Dragons APK 2.15.0

Editor's word: Solve the secrets of the mysterious dragon eye. Uncover the secret of the leviathan on impossible island. Settle into viking life on berk and beyond. Join fellow vikings in a return to dragon island. Fly Fast. Train Hard. Learn Well. Be the Ultimate Dragon Trainer.

Updated! Miffy's World APK 5.0.0 (Educational Game)

Miffy's World APK 5.0.0

Editor's word: Explore Miffy's world. It's packed full of fun, creative games. Bake delicious cakes, discover gardening and play outdoor games. Join the world’s cutest rabbit as she explores her world.

Updated! ThatQuiz APK 2.6.5 (Education App)

ThatQuiz APK 2.6.5

Editor's word: Thatquiz.org mobile companion for rapid access anytime and anywhere.

Updated! Make Donut APK 2.0.3189 (Casual Game)

Make Donut APK 2.0.3189

Editor's word: Make sweet and delicious donuts! Amazing donut cooking game.

Updated! Cake Shop APK 2.2.3189 (Casual Game)

Cake Shop APK 2.2.3189

Editor's word: Manage your own cake shop. Make delicious cakes.

Updated! Balls APK 3.4.3131 (Puzzle Game)

Balls APK 3.4.3131

Editor's word: Balls is a classical Arkanoid game all over the world. Balls is an addictive and amazing ball puzzle collection.

Updated! Funny Cars for Kids APK 1.33 (Educational Game)

Funny Cars for Kids APK 1.33

Editor's word: Play Interactive scenes, which becomes live after each completed puzzle.

Updated! CustomTiyoko APK 4.6.0 (Casual Game)

CustomTiyoko APK 4.6.0

Editor's word: Let's change the pretty character "Tiyoko" to your liking.

Updated! Kids Garden APK 2.5.5 (Educational Game)

Kids Garden APK 2.5.5

Editor's word: Help kids learn animals, numbers, letters, vehicles & fruits.