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Updated! Youper APK 6.05.003 (Medical App)

Youper APK 6.05.003

Editor's word: Therapy, Mood Track, and Mindfulness. AI assistant using techniques drawn from therapy. Overcome depression & anxiety.


Updated! GetBetter APK 2.0.5 (Medical App)

GetBetter APK 2.0.5

Editor's word: The GetBetter mobile app is a large community of people suffering from diabetes.

Updated! WeMoms APK 2.60.80 (Medical App)

WeMoms APK 2.60.80

Editor's word: Conception, pregnancy, maternity : the social network of mutual aid between moms.

Updated! Miiskin APK 1.27.1 (Medical App)

Miiskin APK 1.27.1

Editor's word: Monitor your skin with Miiskin. Experts advise people to monitor for skin cancer. Keep an eye on your skin. Experts advise people to look for skin cancer signs.

Updated! Leafly Marijuana Reviews APK 6.3.2 (Medical App)

Leafly Marijuana Reviews APK 6.3.2

Editor's word: Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis and dispensary information resource.

Updated! Open Sesame APK 3.6.10 (Medical App)

Open Sesame APK 3.6.10

Editor's word: Touch Free Control through head tracking for people with limited hand use.

Updated! TuberSpot APK 2.7 (Medical App)

TuberSpot APK 2.7

Editor's word: Can you play & help us prove tuberculosis collective "diagnose" is possible.

Updated! Baritastic APK 1.3.201 (Medical App)

Baritastic APK 1.3.201

Editor's word: Bariatric surgery tracker: gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, lap band, balloons.

Updated! Center Health APK 2.27.0 (Medical App)

Center Health APK 2.27.0

Editor's word: Living with diabetes has never been easier. Life with diabetes, made easy.

Updated! mySugr APK 3.54.3 (Medical App)

mySugr APK 3.54.3

Editor's word: It's never been easier to manage your diabetes and HbA1c – try it today.